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NEW! RADIO OPTIMIZER v7.1.26 Install- and trial version (download)

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:38 pm
by Support-Team
04.12.2017 Version 7.1.30

The new RADIO OPTIMIZER UPDATE and TRIAL is online for download

- power limiter 1 / loudnes controling for DMC (NEW)
To avoid that very compressed material will be processed with the DMC (distortion masked clipper) the power limiter 1 can be enabled. Also it manages the amount of clipping by dynamic material. A very useful feature to get a bigger sound by attending the program material and avoid over processed sound walls.

- power limiter 2 / loudnes controling for DAB+ digital radio and FM
The power limiter got a facelift and works now very clean without pumping. Important for fm stations that have to
attent the BS412 loudness level (Image) and the EBU R128 -18 for DAB+ digital radio

- mpx processing
We replaced the old BS412 mpx power limiter, the new one works much better and produces a loud but clear fm signal by attending the fm rules (75 khz, 0dBr)

- better samplerate converter

- many bug fixes

DOWNLOAD the install- and trial setup here (you have to be registered to this site


RADIO OPTIMIZER - MPX + Power-Limiter.png