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Stream Inspector 2 is availible

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:50 pm
by Support-Team
Control all your streams and know always and everywhere if your station is on the web. The software monitors up to 300 audio streams with different formats like aac, mp3, ogg and manages the actual value of the connected listener of each stream including accumulated listeners.

Monitoring services and features:
- Server online
- Audio level (silence detection)
- Meta data check
- listener alarm
- active listeners
- accumulated listeners
- Stream player for listening to streams manually
- displays server/mount information and icy meta data
- fast server readout
- multiple monitoring instances

By raising a warning the software sends an e-mail or sms to the administrator, so you keep informed about your programs.

DOWNLOAD the install- and trial setup here (you have to be registered to this site

You find more information about the new Stream!nspector on our Shop on